Cape Flattery

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 Considered one of the most breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest, Cape Flattery is a must see. Located in Neah’s Bay, Washington, it is the most North Western point in the lower United States and well worth the trek to get there. It’s 42 miles from Forks to give you a reference and located on land owned by the Makah Indian Tribe. At the trail head, follow a combination of a cedar boardwalk and groomed earthen trail for about 30 minutes until you reach 5 observationFullSizeRender (2) points with cedar decks and guard rails. Make sure to bring some snacks or a picnic, water and a camera. Heed the warnings to stay on the trail, there are sheer cliffs and drop offs on either side.  Because of the dangerous area, I don’t recommend this hike for small children.  Other than feeling like I could possibly fall off the cliff and die at any moment, this has been my favorite Washington trip and a must for your bucket list!


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